What Action Should I Do Dock?

Illustration of What Action Should I Do Dock?
Illustration: What Action Should I Do Dock?

Good afternoon dock, permission to ask. 1 year ago I experienced a traffic accident. I did a CT scan and nothing happened. However, my right eye had bruises and sores on the right face. A few months later the wound healed and the bruising disappeared. But the part of my right face looked like it was swollen and my right eye was also smaller than the right eye. My right eye was rather difficult to see the rays of the day’s eyes. And the part of my head that was ct scanned experienced like going inside to the middle and in some other parts of the head also happened like that.

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Hello Yuyun,

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On the face is a part of the body that has many blood vessels, so that if bruising or a hard collision on the face will cause many blood vessels that are disturbed. So that healing will take longer. In addition, because of the many blood vessels in the face will cause some abnormalities that occur. After swelling it will cause skin widening. So that the skin on the face will be like thickening and more loose.

Basically, swelling is the rupture of blood vessels under the skin. Which if it occurs in a place that has many blood vessels, will cause interference with the function of other limbs. For example disorders of the peripheral nerves or peripheral nerves. In peripheral nerve disorders, some people will cause disorders such as: sudden pain, feeling hot, tingling, sensitive skin decreases or the sensitivity increases.

If there is a disruption in nerve function, you can consume vitamins for nerves, such as complex B vitamins. Which serves to maintain the function of nerve disorders. And if the complaint does not decrease, then you can seek treatment or consult a doctor directly.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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