What Are The Benchmarks For Someone On Diabetes?

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Good afternoon, my Michael has 2 questions about Diabetes. First, what are the benchmarks for someone convicted of Diabetes? Second, a detailed description (including whether there are complications or so on) sufferers of diabetes, including experiencing blurred vision, swollen hands and feet, trembling, shortness of breath, nausea, and difficulty defecating. Thank you…

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Diabetes (or precisely called diabetes mellitus) is a disease characterized by an increase in blood sugar levels. In general, diabetes can be divided into 2 main groups, namely:

Type 1 diabetes
The cause is not yet known with certainty, although it is thought to be related to genetic and environmental factors
In people with type 1 diabetes, there is an immune disorder that causes immune cells to mistakenly destroy pancreatic cells that play a role in insulin production because it is considered a dangerous foreign body, when in fact it is not

Type 2 diabetes
The reason is the body's resistance (immunity) to the action of the hormone insulin, thus making the pancreas need to produce more and more insulin hormone. In a condition, the pancreas is no longer able to compensate for this, so that cell damage arises which causes blood sugar levels to rise.
Type 2 diabetes is susceptible to being obese (obese), lazy physical activity (including sports), has a history of offspring of diabetics, elderly, suffering from hypertension or metabolic disorders.

The diagnosis of diabetes can be made through a comprehensive examination, including physical examination (to assess clinical symptoms that arise, such as frequent thirst, frequent hunger, frequent urination, frequent numbness or tingling, weakness, decreased weight, easy fatigue, prone to infection , blurred vision, old wounds healed, etc.), laboratory tests (especially for detecting blood sugar and HbA1C levels), as well as other investigations adjusted for potential complications that arise (for example, sharp vision tests, slit lamps, ophthalmoscopy, kidney function tests, heart record).

When late getting treatment, diabetes can make patients at risk of experiencing various complications, for example nerve disorders (tingling, numbness, body aches), heart and blood vessel disorders (heart attacks, atherosclerosis, strokes, old wounds healed), kidney disorders (nephropathy) diabetikum), eye disorders (cataracts, diabetic retinopathy), immune disorders (more susceptible to infection), mental and cognitive disorders (such as depression, Alzheimer's disease), and so on. The complaints you mentioned, could indeed indicate diabetes and its complications. However, these complaints can also occur related to other diseases that are not directly related to diabetes.

To be clear, it is necessary to do a direct physical examination on the patient by a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. Thus, of course doctors can also provide patients with appropriate treatment according to the cause and severity of the condition.

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