What Are The Causes Of Runny Cough And Runny Nose?

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So my husband has been coughing from years ago but sometimes healed only a few weeks coughing, accompanied by a runny nose that doesn’t heal well, was often taken to the doctor, but for fear of wanting to say a chronic cough so he only said it was only last week and then given medicine, according to what doctor should do next

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A cough accompanied by a runny nose that doesn't heal is often caused by an allergic reaction. This condition occurs when your body mistakenly responds to a foreign substance that enters the body because it is considered as a dangerous thing when in fact it is not. This allergy can trigger cells in the airway wall to produce more mucus so that there arises a cough and runny nose. In some conditions, allergic sufferers may experience sneezing, phlegm and itchy throat, watery and itchy eyes, shortness of breath, chest pain, additional breath sounds, and various other complaints. This allergy is very closely related to genetic factors (heredity). Although, environmental factors are thought to have a strong influence.

In addition to genetics, it could also be, prolonged coughing and runny nose as you experience arising from irritation of the respiratory tract (for example due to inhalation of chemical fumes, screaming too often, consuming excessive oily foods), respiratory infections (for example due to tuberculosis, pneumonia , bronchitis), asthma bronchiale (asthma), malignancy (cancer) in the respiratory tract, weakness of immunity, and so forth.

It's best if you are honest with your doctor when you do an examination. Your honesty can certainly make it easier for your doctor to make the right diagnosis. No need to worry or worry too much. The earlier the cause of your complaint is detected, of course the treatment can be done quickly, and the potential for recovery will also be higher. So, check yourself directly to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, yes. If it's true that your cough has been going on for years, not only giving medicine, doctors generally will also direct you to undergo additional examinations, for example sputum testing, x-rays, blood tests , etc.

At this time, you can first do the following steps:

Use a mask so that harmful substances do not enter your airways Avoid exposure to environmental conditions that are too cold, dusty, smoky, and polluting Reduce the habit of consuming fried foods, spicy foods, oily, and containing artificial sweeteners excessively Reduce also the habit of screaming Drink plenty of warm water You may also add lemon juice. Increase consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C. Rest more Exercise more regularly so that your body's immune system is maintained. Don't smoke Diligently wash your hands. Take care of the cleanliness of your neighborhood, including by changing bed linen and curtains, and cleaning furniture from dust. Hopefully it helps huh ..

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