What Are The Characteristics And Treatment Of Perioral Dermatitis?

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Good night,. I have felt some pain in the area around my mouth this month. Around my mouth, it not only stung but blushed like burning with a firm line (dark) on the edge. (more info: there are no bumps like pimples and such.) I once went to a dermatologist at a hospital, but the doctor was not sure of the diagnosis and only stated that this “possibility” was perioral dermatitis without doing any tests. I was only given medilkin orange medicine and it was recommended to replace my toothpaste with non-fluoride, but it still did not produce anything. Is it true that the symptoms I feel are perioral dermatitis? and how exactly is the right treatment? because lately it has been very painful and looks very disturbing reddish. Thanks.

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Hello RR Tanti Jatiningrum, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin which is characterized by a condition of rash, accompanied by itching, spots on the skin and so on. While it is said to be perioral dermatitis or when the skin and skin problems are found in the area around the oral cavity. And these conditions are more common in women and children.

To diagnose it is only based on clinical appearance, or doctors only see based on symptoms, and physical examination by looking at the condition directly. And currently there are no specific tests to determine perioral dermatitis.

The exact cause of perioral dermatitis itself is unknown, but most perioral dermatitis occurs in young women associated with the use of chrome or cosmetics on the face that contain steroids. Although the exact cause is unknown, perioral dermatitis can occur due to the following factors:

Use of topical medications or face creams that are not known to contain steroids
Using drugs in the nose, mouth like spray drugs that contain steroids
Use of cosmetics and other facial treatments
Toothpaste containing fluoride or use of fluorinated toothpaste

Influence of hormones

Handling that is done in addition to treatment also requires self-treatment or selfcare by avoiding factors that might increase the occurrence of perioral dermatitis as described above. Therefore, it is always one of your doctor's suggestions, namely to replace teeth without fluoride. Because toothpaste containing flooride can be one of the risks of perioral dermatitis.

Other treatments you can do yourself such as:

Self-care you may want to try to include:

Stop using facial creams, cosmetics and other facial cream products whose clarity and ingredients are unknown. We recommend consulting a dermatologist for the use of face creams.
Wash your face with warm water
Using facial cleansing soap that does not contain fragrance or detergent

Provision given by the doctor can be in the form of antibiotics, but you also need to pay attention and avoid factors that may be perioral dermetitis, while the treatment of perioraldermatitis is also not fast, it can even take up to months of medication adherence supplemented with self-care is very important. In addition, if there are complaints that interfere with the control should be returned to the doctor for further evaluation and treatment.

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