What Are The Characteristics Of Allergies In Infants?

Illustration of What Are The Characteristics Of Allergies In Infants?
Illustration: What Are The Characteristics Of Allergies In Infants?

Hello doc today, my child is 6 months old at 9 this morning I will give you an instant taste of banana and then eat it, go to sleep at 10, wake up and cry all over. or what dock ??

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it could be that it is caused by a food allergy that has just been consumed, but it is very rare for a banana to cause an allergy there may contain other ingredients there that make allergies. Allergic skin in infants and children can be caused by two things. First, because the skin is in direct contact with allergen triggers (allergens). Second, when the immune system reacts by releasing histamine into the skin in response to the entry of allergens into the body. but it can be suspected by insect bites, irritation to materials such as clothes or sheets that have been washed before, so they can become irritated. or sheets that are not clean a lot of dust to make itchy and red reactions on the body. you should try to make sure.

Basically, allergies in infants do not just happen, but take time. The more often the baby is in contact with allergens or allergens, the faster he will cause an allergic reaction. This happens because the body has a tolerance threshold, the highest limit for the body to receive exposure. If excessive exposure is experienced, it will trigger a reaction from the body's defense system and allergies occur. There are several symptoms of allergies among them:

Swelling of the face, lips and tongue.
Throws up.

Itching or skin contains scars that resemble scars.
Coughing or sneezing.
Blush or red skin.
It's hard to breathe.
Lost consciousness or faint

to prevent allergies that the way to avoid these alergan factors you should avoid your child food that might cause allergies, clean the bed, use hypoallergenic detergent washing agent for children. and give your child more breast milk to prevent dehydration and give children food that does not cause allergies. and Abisa gives calamine powder for children to reduce the itching.

if your child's complaints do not improve and vomiting continues and accompanied by swollen lips and shortness of breath immediately bring the child to the hospital or to the nearest doctor to get treatment properly and look for the exact cause of complaints in your child. if caused by alergan maybe the doctor will find out the cause of alergan through allergy testing. thus know the cause and can be avoided. if no alergan might be caused by other causes.

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