What Are The Characteristics Of Brain Cancer?

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Hello, tonight. From the web that I read about the characteristics of brain cancer, I experienced all that. But when I did a scan, I didn’t have any problems with the word. Even now, symptoms about brain cancer, I still feel … Please help, doctor. Thanks

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Hello Hasna, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

In the modern era, the spread of information is very fast. But not all information is accurate and true. We as people who live in this era are required to be more thorough and active in finding information from credible and responsible sources.

Responding to the problems you are facing right now, I am confused in giving my opinion. That is because you do not include a website where you get information, or complaints that you experience at this time. The symptoms that you mention are just "symptoms of brain cancer", while the symptoms of brain cancer are very numerous and varied between one person and another, such as paralysis, so that a severe loss of consciousness is NOT just a headache. Because it would make no sense if your complaint is paralyzed and you can still type and consult HealthReplies.com, considering that paralysis is one of the many symptoms of brain cancer. Your family must have taken you to the hospital if you were paralyzed or unconscious. I hope you understand my explanation.

What you need to realize now is that brain cancer is a very serious problem, and cannot be suspected only based on complaints and symptoms that you get on the internet. This is only a guide / or approximate guide, including what I have given here. Nothing can replace a direct examination by a doctor. The doctor can perform a more detailed history taking, direct physical examination, and recommend supporting examinations if needed such as CT scans, MRIs, blood tests etc.

If you have done a CT scan of the head and found no concerns about brain cancer. Then you don't need to think about it anymore. But if your complaints persist and get worse you should see your doctor. You can consult a general practitioner first, and if you need specialist treatment you will be advised to go there / give a referral for that.

Right now what you can do is:

 Seek information from credible / responsible sources. Do not directly diagnose yourself, and do the examination without doctor's advice. That will only cause your concern, cause material losses, etc. Get enough rest, and sleep 7-8 hours per day. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. That's all my answer, hopefully it helps.

Thank you :)

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