What Are The Characteristics Of Tantrum Children?

Illustration of What Are The Characteristics Of Tantrum Children?
Illustration: What Are The Characteristics Of Tantrum Children?

Doc, what’s a sign that a child is in a tantrum? Lately my 2.5 year old son likes to get angry, if my desires are not obeyed I am beaten, rolling on the floor. In the middle of the night he woke up and cried indistinctly, I checked his body temperature was normal, not feverish. I asked him if he was hungry, he answered no, he was asked that this was even more raging, until an hour he was crying GX clearly doc.

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Hello Anggun,

Thank you for the question.

In its development, most children do experience a tantrum phase. This condition usually arises because the child's communication skills are still limited and not balanced with many desires, so difficult to understand by those around him. If handled properly, often this tantrum is not dangerous, and will pass over time. Conversely, if parents fail to manage this condition properly, the impact on psychological and personality formation of children is certainly not good.

Tantrums often will make children easily angry, rampage, do violence, even do things that make parents overwhelmed when their desires are not obeyed. Not infrequently, this temper tantrum can be carried up to the subconscious, thus making him often have nightmares that disturb his sleep. It could also be, crying and raging suddenly at night as your child indicates that he is experiencing discomfort, both in his own body (for example due to colic, colds, tightness, nausea, itching) or also in the surrounding environment (for example due sweltering, coldness, glare, noise).

To improve, you can do the following suggestions:

In the morning until the afternoon when the child is active, accompany him, encourage him to communicate a lot with a good way, accompany him to play according to his age
Give children a good example in attitude, including by not saying loudly, not doing physical violence, more independent in doing tasks, not hesitate to show affection, not hesitate to thank, do not hesitate also apologize when making mistakes
Help your child distinguish between things that are good and bad for him, give him an explanation that is easy for children to understand his age
If a child wants something good for him, teach him to ask for it in a good way, then you obey
If the child's wishes are not good for him, explain to him the reason, and don't always obey
Create a regular sleep schedule, wake up, eat, play, and other activities for children, and be disciplined in implementing that schedule
Before going to sleep, relax the child, for example by dimming the sleep light, creating a comfortable room atmosphere, singing a lullaby humming, reading stories to him, gently massage his body, and accompany him to sleep
When the child wakes up at night, don't panic, soothe him, for example by hugging him, patting his buttocks, stroking his back, and so on

If the baby's condition does not improve until a long time, even though you have tried hard to make the above efforts, you can consult your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician. Concerned, there are certain health problems that trigger these complaints, and need further treatment from a doctor so as not to continue.

Hope this helps ...

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