What Are The Consequences And Treatment For Male Genital Warts?

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Hello … I’m sorry I want to ask what the risk will be if the genital warts are not treated as soon as possible? Because I just found out about this disease hit me. Previously I did have sex with several women but it has stopped long ago and what should I do now to eliminate it so as not to be infected later on to my wife and children later ??? Thank you, doctor

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Your worries about the future are very reasonable considering the conditions that you are experiencing right now, but that anxiety can be reduced if you have found enough information about your current illness. We will try to explain all the information you need to know about venereal warts or in medical language called condyloma akuminata.

Venereal warts are small lumps that grow around the genital and anal area. Which can be experienced by anyone who is sexually active, and this disease is included in sexually transmitted diseases because of transmission through sexual contact either through genitals with genitals, or oral sex or even anal sex. In addition, the virus can also be transmitted when the patient's hands touch their own genitals and then touch the genitals of their partners. This disease is caused by a viral infection called human papillomavirus (HPV), more specifically HPV type 6 and HPV type 11.

Risk factors that can enable a person infected with the HPV virus are of course sexually active individuals who are accompanied by other risk factors such as

Smoker Someone with weak immunity such as pregnant women, the elderly, children, and people w / HIV-AIDS Having suffered from other sexually transmitted infections Having a history of sexual violence as a child Associated intimate with someone with no known history of sexual life. Basically, genital warts can not be treated specifically if it does not cause symptoms that are quite disturbing, because in some cases genital warts can disappear by itself. However, if you feel very itchy, painful or there is a burning sensation in the genitals, then you should immediately consult with your doctor immediately so that your disease gets the right treatment from him. Usually the doctor will prescribe drugs in the form of creams / ointments that function to burn genital warts that have side effects such as skin irritation and pain in the skin.

Other handling procedures that can be carried out include:

Excision / cutting / removal of warts using a scalpel. Side effects are in the form of pain that arises after surgery. Electroacutery or electric surgery on genital warts, the result is neater and does not bleed too much but the side effects are almost the same as the cryotherapy excision method or procedure using liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -195 degrees Celsius. Usually 50-60% of warts disappear after doing 3-4 times cryotherapy. Laser surgery is usually used on warts that are difficult to remove with other procedures. The most important of all these procedures is to avoid not smoking during the treatment of genital warts. Because the results of some studies indicate that the treatment will have a better effect on patients who do not smoke. The use of bath soap or lotions that contain perfume is also highly not recommended because it can cause irritation to the skin, and you should not have sexual relations until the genital warts disappear.

The decision not to treat the disease is actually a very unfortunate decision, given the complications of genital warts if left untreated, several conditions can arise

the enlargement of genital warts and make it more difficult to remove or treat or even at risk of penile cancer, increasing the risk of infection by your sexual partner in the future, if genital warts occur during pregnancy then it can cause vaginal or vulva bleeding during childbirth, if it occurs in a partner but in a nonpregnant condition there is a risk of triggering the growth of cancer cells in the cervix / cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, anal cancer. Therefore we strongly advise you to take medication related to the condition of your illness, so that in the future you can be free from infection and will not transmit it to your spouse and your children. Transmission of genital warts can be prevented by not repeating sexual relations by changing partners, and also vaccinating the HPV virus for your partner so that the body can make the immune system against the HPV virus in the future.

Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can help you. Thanks.

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