What Are The Factors That Cause Late Menstruation?

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Good morning doctor, I want to ask my age at this time 22 years old I have already checked with the doctor SpOg but I was declared fine. I first menstruated the age of 16 years, and last menstruation aged 16 years too. my question is it okay if I haven’t menstruated until now doctor? is there another way to cure?

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Good evening Utamitirta, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Primary amenorrhoea is a condition that has never menstruated until the age of 16 years. Whereas secondary amenorrhoea is the cessation of menstruation> 3 months with a history of normal menstrual cycles.

The main causes of amenorrhoea include:

- Hypothalamic disorders (parts of the brain that produce hormones that stimulate the release of hormones from the pituitary) - Pituitary abnormalities (parts of the brain that produce hormones) - Chromosomal abnormalities - Disorders of menstrual discharge (eg in obstruction of the vagina) à if you have menstruated means that this cause can removed. Causes of secondary amenorrhoea include:

- Impaired hormonal balance - Impaired anterior pituitary (part of the brain that produces hormones) - Early menopause - Use of hormonal birth control - Disorders of the anatomy of the reproductive tract - Pituitary tumors - Hyperprolactinemia (excess prolactin hormone in the blood) What do the obstetricians that you visit visit? What checks did you do before? It is possible that doctors have ruled out possible causes of anatomic abnormalities from the reproductive tract (with ultrasound).

It is strongly recommended that you return to the obstetrician (the same or the other for a second opinion), and discuss this issue, so that you can do a series of further tests (for example CT scan, examination of hormone levels in the blood) and get treatment according to the cause. .

To add insight, read the following link regarding discussions regarding amenorrhoea:

- Primary amenorrhoea due to abnormalities in the vagina - Primary amenorrhoea due to uterine hypoplasia - Secondary amenorrhoea That's all our suggested answers, hopefully useful, good afternoon.

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