What Are The Features Of Lupus?

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good afternoon, i have a girl friend after 2 months of illness he was initially dizzy and weak, then he was diagnosed with German measles, after treatment did not heal he went back to the hospital then treated and diagnosed with dengue. have a blood check and x-ray the results are good. then outpatient but still weak and hot, unable to stand or walk he said it hurts. there was a rash on her body that was thought to be a German measles with blackish brown spots. have been treated here and there but there hasn’t been a change, the hair is falling out, now the hair is cut into bondol, can it be lupus? please answer me, sad, see my friend … thank you

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Hello Rupianti, Thank you for the question.

Does your friend still have a fever? In general, fever is one of the body's responses when an infection enters the body. However, fever can also be caused by other complaints, especially if the fever is prolonged. Some of the causes of complaints experienced by your friends are:

lupus hyperthyroidism rheumatoid arthritis polimiositis / dermatomyositis Lupus is a chronic disease caused by the immune system that attacks cells, tissues, and organs (or is called an autoimmune disease). Lupus can attack various tissues and organs of the body such as skin, joints, blood cells, lungs, heart, kidneys, nerve cells, otal, and spinal cord. Some symptoms of lupus sufferers are easily tired, skin rashes, joint pain, fever, recurrent canker sores, headaches, hair loss, chest pain, difficulty breathing, swelling in the legs. Further assessment is needed to determine whether what your friend is experiencing is lupus or other medical conditions.

It is recommended that you encourage your friends to consult with a specialist in further internal medicine. The doctor needs to ask in more detail about the symptoms experienced by your friend and examine your friend. The doctor will also conduct further tests such as blood tests. After knowing the cause of this examination, the new doctor can provide further treatment for your friends.

Please advise your friends to:

rest enough to consume nutritious food maintain fluid intake by consuming water properly manage stress Hopefully this information is useful.

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