What Are The Initial Symptoms Of Corona?

Illustration of What Are The Initial Symptoms Of Corona?
Illustration: What Are The Initial Symptoms Of Corona?

Hi doc. I just came from an area that is the corona red zone. Keep in mind I always have a heart rhythm faster than normal rhythm, especially if the weather is cold. Maybe because when I was young, I had a sore spot. when I just came from jogja and checked out at the health center, my condition was healthy and normal. The day after I arrived, I had a runny nose, runny nose, no fever, and no cough. I am afraid if I have a virus. Are my symptoms including those of corona virus?

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Hello qori

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I understand your concern, before why did you not do social distancing by staying at home and not having a diamond, especially in the red zone. I suggest keeping the appeal rules that have been implemented by the government and the health ministry to prevent transmission of the corona virus. you should at this time only at home and do the distance by those around you at least 1 meter and wear a mask do isolation at home. although this is not necessarily you are exposed to the corona virus. any virus should or symptoms of respiratory tract infections continue to do social distancing especially when in pain.

maybe you have a cold allergy because you have just moved to a cold area or weather changes, remember you also have the situation if the weather is cold. but it can also be caused by a virus either rhinovirus virus which is a common virus in the flu or corona virus. We only know it by throat swab examination, but this examination is done if you have severe symptoms or someone around you is infected. if you only experience mild symptoms like this, stay at home and do the handlers at home. but if the symptoms are heavy such as shortness of breath and high fever, immediately do an examination to the doctor or the nearest health facility to do the examination.

There are several things you can do:

if this is caused by allergies, stay away from the originator if because of cold you try to wear a jacket or heat the body. knowing dust, pollen, smoke and animal dander
if caused by a virus it will heal by itself with good endurance
stay at home and don't spread it to other people
use a mask
drink warm water at least 2 liters a day
soak in warm water
breathe warm steam or with a humidifer or diffuser
eat nutritious food multiply vegetables and fruit

remember to stay at home when things are like this, help to break the chain of transmission of the corona virus so that our country will be safe and that the medical people at the frontline are not worrying and not at risk the higher the virus will be, given the number of patients affected by this virus and very steps or the difficulty of the protective devices they use. I beg for your help and those around you. start from ourselves.

Thus the info I can give

thank you

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