What Are The Other Benefits Of Hydrotubation?

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, I have been undergoing promil, I have been undergoing a series of tests at the hospital where I was undergoing promulgation, one of which is hsg and the results of hsg are good, both patents. for the polyp For now, I am advised to do hydrotubation. With the good hsg results and patents, is it still needed to undergo hydrotubation? Yes, to find out whether there is a blockage or not, are there any other benefits of hydrotubation itself? at the facility to undergo hydrotubation

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The results of HSG tests that have been done by your obstetrician and provide results of the examination that the oviduct in a patent condition shows and the discovery of polyps indicates the absence of blockage and blocking of the egg cell lines in your reproductive system, especially if polyps in the uterus have been taken. So that HSG itself is done as a diagnostic tool to find out whether there is a blockage in the uterus to plan further medical steps that need to be taken to help ensure the triggering of promil disorders.
As for hydrotubation, it is a medical procedure carried out to assist in the handling of ttubal infertility in the fallopian tubes and is indicated for an unknown cause of infertility. So if your HSG examination results show a patent oviduct, but the cause of infertility or the cause of the failure of the promil continues, the doctor can plan hydrotubation.
With hydrotubation, the doctor will inject fluids and drugs to help manage unknown promil failures. Based on one study, out of 64 unexplained infertility who did hydrotubation, about 20 people experienced fertilization. So, you can undergo a hydrotubation plan as your doctor recommends, so that it is expected to increase the chances of your promos.
However, all of this needs to be discussed directly with the doctor who treats you. Because your doctor understands your clinical condition better, and is more aware of your potential promulatory factors, both for other medical conditions or because of your husband's medical factors, such as husband's sperm quality problems. Thus, the doctor can provide the right treatment for you.
For now, you and your husband should avoid cigarette smoke, avoid stress, avoid obesity.
Thus the info we can convey.

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