What Are The Side Effects Of Increased Sex Drive In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy?

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I am a 33 year old mother. I am currently pregnant with my third child aged 19 weeks. I want to ask, why in the first trimester, I had several times felt a high desire to have sex with my husband, even now. He was able to be gentle, even though he was worried about whether it was safe for our future baby to have frequent intercourse. At the time when I was pregnant with the first and second children, I never felt like this, instead I tend to be lazy about this kind of business. o the scientific explanation is yes, why I can be high enthusiastic when the pregnancy is getting bigger.

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Having sex while pregnant is safe and there are no certain side effects that will happen to your baby. Just make sure you have intercourse in a position that is comfortable for you and not engage in abusive sexual intercourse.

Look at some of the things that prevent you from having sex when you are pregnant:

have a history of recurrent miscarriage
have bleeding from the vagina
have a history of preterm labor
the cervix is ​​dilated (open)
incompetent cervix (the mouth of the uterus is open even without contractions)
have placenta previa, which is a placenta that covers part or all of the birth canal
there is water that has broken or is seeping

If you are in doubt whether you have the above conditions or not, you can consult your obstetrician first. If these conditions do not exist, it is fine to have sexual intercourse at any time during your pregnancy.

The condition of each pregnancy can be different for each woman. In general, in the first trimester, sexual desire will decrease due to uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy in the first trimester (nausea, vomiting, fatigue, excessive sleepiness, back pain, etc.). In the second trimester, sexual appetite can increase because pregnancy tends to feel more comfortable in this second trimester. In the third trimester, sexual appetite tends to decline again because a bigger stomach makes sexual intercourse feel uncomfortable. In addition, other uncomfortable symptoms such as hip pain, back pain, and so on have started to appear.

However, this condition can certainly vary. There are women who during pregnancy lose their sexual desire throughout pregnancy, there are also those who have persistently high lust throughout pregnancy. This does not affect pregnancy and is normal for pregnancy.

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