What Are The Side-effects Of Post-operative Removal Of The Uterus?

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Illustration: What Are The Side-effects Of Post-operative Removal Of The Uterus? drugwatch.com

Night. My mother was exhausted a few weeks ago because there was thickening in the uterine wall. Then there was a small lump of meat after the lab test the doctor said that the seeds of cancer then were asked for surgery Uterus removal My question was the level of safety during the operation what percentage then what were the side effects after the operation? thank you

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Hello Ndaah,

Hysterectomy is a surgical removal of the uterus. There are various indications of hysterectomy, including:

 Uterine atonia: the uterus does not contract after childbirth so that bleeding continues in large quantities which does not stop even though drugs have been given for adequate uterine contractions. If hysterectomy is not performed, there may be a threat to the life of the mother. Deh Licensation of the uterus: the uterus drops down (to the vagina) Uterine rupture: the uterine wall ruptures spontaneously Manipulation of the placenta manually at risk of causing severe bleeding Uterine tumors, such as uterine myoma Uterus cancer, cervical cancer There are various methods of hysterectomy, namely vaginal hysterectomy, laparotomy hysterectomy, laparoscopic hysterectomy. Mortality during hysterectomy is <1%. The greatest risk during surgery is bleeding, which can be controlled with good surgical preparation, certain operating techniques, the use of good equipment, and a reliable operator doctor. Complications that can follow post hysterectomy differ in each person and not all patients experience complications. Complications of hysterectomy include:

 Infection Bleeding Injury to organs near the uterus, urinary tract or digestive tract Urinary disorders Decreased sexual desire Drug side effects Patients who undergo hysterectomy at a young age are at risk: menopause, increased risk of stroke and heart attack later in life The patient's life expectancy after hysterectomy depends on operation indication. If a hysterectomy is performed due to cancer of the uterus, the life expectancy depends on the type of cancer, the spread of cancer (stage of cancer), other therapies performed, the patient's age at the time of cancer diagnosis, and accompanying diseases that affect the patient's general condition.

Please consult further and ask in full with the doctor who will operate on your mother regarding the surgical procedure, risks and complications of the hysterectomy. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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