What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Corona Infection?

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I have a heavy cold, sneezing constantly, a bit of a fever and nasal congestion, do I include the characteristics of being exposed to the corona virus?

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Basically the symptoms of corona virus infection (which has now been given the official name COVID-19), are the same as other respiratory tract infections. The severity of symptoms can range from mild symptoms (mild fever, mild cold cough, feeling unwell) to very severe (such as high fever, coughing, and shortness of breath).

The more important thing to know is the history of exposure to people who might be infected with COVID-19, for example, you have just traveled to an endemic area, you have contact with people who are known to have COVID-19, or you have contact with people who have recently traveled to the endemic area of ​​COVID-19. If you do have a risk of exposure to this virus, immediately check yourself into the hospital.

Sneezing accompanied by fever and nasal congestion can be caused by infection with the usual respiratory tract viruses or called colds or common cold. If indeed you feel that your symptoms are very severe (your fever is very high) or you experience shortness of breath, you are still advised to check yourself to the doctor for further evaluation. If you feel your body is still strong enough to withstand these symptoms, then here are some things you can do:

 More sleep and rest More drink, especially drinking warm drinks (drinking water / ginger tea or honey can help reduce the symptoms of bad breath in your respiratory tract) Take a warm shower and breathe warm water vapor from your bath water Rinse the nose by using saline liquid Put an air humidifier / humidifier in your bedroom

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