What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Psychopaths?

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Hello I want to ask, I have a friend who likes to read and watch psychopathic films, he does not feel scared or disgusted seeing it, and he also likes watching adult films and has tortured animals to death, can he potentially become a psychopath ?? how to handle it ??

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Psychopath is a condition of mental disorder that consists of several characteristics, namely antisocial behavior, lack empathy, and emotions are difficult to predict. The term antisocial here is different from the definition that is often understood by ordinary people that antisocial is a person who is lazy to have social relations, quiet and tends to be mysterious.

Antisocial actually, is behavior that is contrary to social norms, legal norms, and attitudes that should be adopted by social society in general. So antisocial people often break the law, are lazy to obey the rules, and tend to be criminals.

Regarding your question, the psychopathic condition is actually a condition that is very difficult to diagnose, this is because those who have a psychopathic attitude usually appear as charismatic individuals, able to carry themselves well, and look like people in general. The difference is that they make the outer appearance a bridge to their criminal behavior, they are manipulative, do not hesitate to use people to their advantage, and do not feel the slightest guilt about it.

So for your friend, we cannot confirm whether he is a psychopath or not, or whether at least he has psychopathic characteristics without a direct examination. The attitude that he shows, he can show even though he has no psychopathic tendencies. Because for example to like things that smell like psychopaths, it is not one of the criteria for diagnosis of psychopathology. Psychopaths are judged by their attitudes and views on norms and others, not on their passion.

If he was still in his teens, or a teenager until the early 20s, it could even be just one phase of maturing his personality, where in this phase, he happened to assume something like that was a cool thing, but would not necessarily carry over into adulthood . Many children, adolescents, and young adults who are still searching for their identity show an interest in many things, trying everything, which seems to be undirected and sometimes worrying, but will later mature in a different way. Not a few friends we had in middle and high school, his attitude and appearance changed dramatically when we met him again 10-15 years later, and this is normal because life experiences experienced by people are different.

Likewise the case with the condition he had tortured animals, this is still not a diagnostic criteria for psychopathology. It is possible that he regards it as an 'experiment' of a certain curiosity, and besides, if he is indeed a psychopath, torturing animals may not only have been, but often or even always. In addition, we also do not know, it could be that now he feels guilty about torturing the animal, regardless of what he felt at the time. And if he already feels guilty, then that is not a sign of psychopathology.

Therefore the conclusion that we want to convey is that psychopaths are a complex mental disorder, especially because sufferers are usually very good at carrying themselves and hiding their disorders. So that which clearly shows psychopathological behavior may not even experience it at all. Therefore, if you meet someone like that and you are not comfortable around him, just keep your distance without judgment and bad-mouthing. But if you are close and feel worried, as long as he does not harm people or other living things constantly, it does not matter because as we said, it could be the process of maturity. But when he has begun to harm or endanger himself or other living creatures, encourage him to check himself into a psychiatrist, because this can not be handled alone. So, hopefully answering your question.

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