What Are The Signs Of A Woman Having Difficulty Getting Pregnant?

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What are the signs that women are having difficulty getting pregnant?

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The cause of difficult women to get pregnant generally occurs because there are health problems in the reproductive organs or have fertility problems. Not infrequently, this makes it difficult for married couples to have babies. For that you need to see a doctor. Here are some of the causes of difficult women to get pregnant which causes fertility problems.

endometriosis: occurs when there is uterine lining tissue (endometrium) that grows outside the uterus. For example, endometriosis that grows in the ovaries (ovaries) and inhibits the release of eggs.
not young anymore: As you age, a woman's body will experience decreased function. Including the quantity and quality of eggs produced by the body.
blockages in the fallopian tubes: Fallopian tubes are two channels that allow eggs to flow from the ovaries to the uterus. If this channel is blocked, the egg will not be able to get to the uterus to be fertilized by sperm cells, so that pregnancy will not occur. Fallopian tube blockage can be caused by various sexually transmitted diseases. For example, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
unhealthy lifestyle: Smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, adopting an unbalanced diet (for example, diet) can cause the body to lack folic acid, vitamin B-12, iron, and zinc. This condition can then lead to difficulty in conceiving for women.
ovulation problems: This condition can be seen from the normal or not a woman's menstrual cycle, both in terms of blood volume and duration of menstruation experienced, as well as the distance between menstrual cycles. Disorders during ovulation can occur as symptoms of certain medical conditions. For example, polycystic ovary syndrome (polycystic ovary syndrome / PCOS), hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, and other ovarian problems.
stress: infertility is not only influenced by physical problems alone, a woman's psychological condition can also play a role. Because, stress can interfere with the process of ovulation in a woman's body. Stress can also make women experience a decreased passion for sex. With this, the possibility of getting pregnant will also decrease.
Thyroid gland problems: When the thyroid gland is underactive or even overactive it can cause an imbalance of hormones which is a difficult cause for pregnancy for women.
certain medical procedures and drugs: such as surgery and taking certain medications long term

if you have difficulty getting pregnant you can immediately consult a gynecologist to check the health of your fertility both you and your husband to do fertility tests so that doctors know the causes and provide solutions for you and your husband.

There are a few tips you can do:

regularly having sex: it is recommended to have sex regularly at least 3-4 times a week.
healthy lifestyle: regular exercise and nutritious food
consumption of folic acid
stop bad habits: such as smoking, consuming alkoho and caffeine, ready-made food and undercooked food

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