What Are The Signs Of Diabetes?

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Hey I want to ask, why suddenly my two big toe nails are blackish green even though I wasn’t injured. Am I affected by diabetes? From the signs of diabetes I experienced itching in the later (vaginal) area – the wound that was difficult to heal – blackened nails How do I get my nails back to normal?

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Hello Melfi, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

Some of the causes of your complaint include:

Nail fungus / tinea unguium
Infection in the tissue around the nails (Paranokia)
Tinea Cruris

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. There are 2 types of diabetes yututipe 1 which usually appears at a young age and is more common or type 2 diabetes. Symptoms that appear in patients with diabetes generally are easily limp, often thirsty, often hungry, often want to urinate especially at night, and weight loss body.

Black nails can be caused by fungal infections in the nails or bleeding in the fingers and nails. The cause of diabetes is usually related to lifestyle and also genetic, but to find out for sure whether someone suffering from diabetes should be tested for blood sugar and should be able to consult directly with a specialist disease. Your doctor will do a physical examination directly and will provide drugs according to the cause of your complaint, both drugs to control blood sugar levels or to treat infections in your toenails.

Some things you can do between:

Choose foods low in calories, low in fat and high in fiber
Maintain body weight to remain ideal
Exercise regularly 3-5 times a week
Stop smoking or consuming alcohol
Use shoes that are the right size, lightweight, and with good airways
Using socks with ingredients that absorb sweat
Keep your feet clean and always keep your feet dry and clean
Change socks frequently and wash your shoes

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Hopefully this information can help you.

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