What Are The Symptoms Of A Heart Attack?

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Hello doctor, before I was a third grade junior high school student. I used to experience chest pain on the left to be exact under the breast. It usually hurts more when I breathe in, so as long as I feel that I stop breathing. It only lasted for a moment, but just now I experienced quite a long time until the breath just trouble. I tried browsing on the internet, it said that it had something to do with a heart attack, is that true? Thanks

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Hello erika

Thank you for the question.

Pain in the left chest, especially when inhaling, which only appears for a moment, can indeed be caused by heart attack. Typically, if this pain arises due to a heart attack, often the appearance will be accompanied by a sense of pressure in the chest, cold sweat, dizziness, weakness, dark vision, and even a decrease in consciousness. Complaints from a heart attack will typically be heavy with activity and get better with rest.

However, besides heart attacks, there are many other conditions that can also trigger pain in the left chest as you experience them, such as bronchitis, pleurisy, gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, nerve nerve, rheumatoid arthritis, pleural effusion, muscle cramps, fibromyalgia, psychological disorders malnutrition, and so on. Seeing from the age of you who just stepped on the class III junior high school, it seems that the possibility of a heart attack is very small, though not impossible either.

You should try to resolve your complaint first by:

 Compress warm chest pain Rest regularly and enough every day Limit first tiring physical activity Regular exercise to relax the chest muscles, for example by yoga or swimming Do not like to delay the time to eat Not used to excessive consumption of acidic foods, spicy, and contain a lot of gas No smoke, stay away from the smoke Do not take any medication Manage your emotions, anxiety, and stress wisely If with the efforts above the pain you feel has not improved or recurs very often, immediately check with your doctor or doctor in the disease in order to be given more solutions continue according to the cause of the pain ..

I hope this helps.

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