What Are The Symptoms Of Corona?

Illustration of What Are The Symptoms Of Corona?
Illustration: What Are The Symptoms Of Corona?

Doc, I have been feeling dizzy for 3 days (heavy head, but not fever), then I also cough up phlegm like it’s still stuck to the chest, is that a corona symptom?

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Hello Defi,

Thank you for the question.

A head that feels heavy accompanied by a dry cough can indeed be part of the symptoms of COVID-19 (a disease due to a new Corona virus infection). However, in addition, there are many other factors that can also trigger this complaint, including allergies, gastric acid reflux, migraines, tension headaches, irritation or entry of foreign objects into the airways, benign or malignant tumors, viral or bacterial infections others in the airways (for example Streptococcus or Influenza), even infections in other organ systems besides the airway.

Assess whether these complaints are worth watching out for or should not ideally be done directly by a doctor. However, as a layman, you can be calmer if your complaint is mild in intensity, not accompanied by fever, vomiting, sore throat, joint pain, tightness, stiff neck, or other more severe complaints. If you experience mild conditions like this, you can first do the following suggestions:

 Sleep early Don't eat and drink cold, artificial sweets, and greasy Stay away from cigarettes, pollution, cold, smoke, dust, and other things that can trigger inflammation in the airways Do not stress Regular exercise Use a mask while still coughing Improve personal hygiene Try the environment where you live is maintained cleanliness, air circulation, and also the lighting. Not having physical activity or excessive screaming. Drinking paracetamol so that the weight on the head is reduced. However, if complaints do not improve within 1-3 days with the above efforts, or if other complaints appear more severe, our advice, check yourself directly to the doctor so that further treated yes .. Blood tests, x-rays, or maybe refer you to a specialist (such as internal medicine, ENT, or nerves) can be done if the doctor feels need.

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