What Are The Symptoms Of IUD That Have Problems?

If I have a problem, what kind of symptoms do you usually have?

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IUD (Intrauterine device) is one of the contraceptives that can be an option in the method of birth control in which the device is inserted into the uterus to trigger an inflammatory reaction so that sperm entering the uterus can not cause fertilization.

This tool is also the same as contraception or other family planning methods in Indonesia, which has advantages and disadvantages so that before someone decides to use it, it is very important to do family planning consultations first with a doctor, both general practitioners or obstetricians.

The advantages of this contraceptive include:

 Included in one of the KB methods that have very high effectiveness and effectiveness can immediately appear immediately after installation is complete Do not disturb intimate relationships Does not cause hormonal side effects Does not affect milk production and quality when breastfeeding Can be installed immediately immediately after giving birth or miscarriage Still can installed despite menopause Does not interact with other drugs Although it has quite a number of advantages, the use of this tool certainly can not be separated from the possibility of side effects, although in general these side effects are not dangerous. Side effects that may occur during use are:

 Changes in the menstrual cycle pattern where menstruation can last longer, menstrual blood can become more than usual or blood spots appear outside the menstrual cycle More menstrual pain than usual While symptoms that indicate a disturbance during the use of an IUD and require re-evaluation or treatment further include:

 The emergence of pain / abdominal cramps for 3-5 days after installation, which can or is not accompanied by a lot of vaginal discharge and odor Heavy and heavy bleeding during menstruation or outside the menstrual cycle Tears in the uterine wall are marked by the appearance of severe bleeding and pain when Installation is carried out If one of the three symptoms of the disorder arises above, immediately consult a doctor to immediately get further evaluation and treatment, and determine whether you need a replacement type of contraception or not.

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