What Are The Symptoms Of The Disease?

Illustration of What Are The Symptoms Of The Disease?
Illustration: What Are The Symptoms Of The Disease?

Hello doc I want to ask, about 1 week ago I was having trouble breathing, very short and heavy when breathing. no fever, nausea or vomiting. if after eating like full once and trigger for difficulty breathing too. shortness of breath is not in the long term, if the tightness I position my correct seat will return to normal, likewise if I have to sleep properly then I can sleep comfortably. roughly it hurts what doc. Please submit it and its direction. Thank you

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Hello Tarsono, thank you for consulting us on the HealthReplies.com website.

The existence of a feeling that is difficult to breathe especially when after a lot of eating can very likely lead to a condition called GERD or known as stomach acid disease. Where there is an increase from stomach acid to the throat which will then cause symptoms such as begah, sukit to breathe freely, a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach or chest, pain in the upper abdomen, sometimes it feels bitter in the mouth especially in the morning after waking up , etc.

Symptoms will be more prominent especially when eating with too many servings, resulting in a stomach filled with food and a greater chance for stomach acid to go up to the throat. However, other conditions that can cause shortness other than lambing acid disease are conditions such as asthma, lung infections, heart disease, etc.

So to ensure this is to consult directly with the doctor and your physical examination. However, this condition is highly recommended not to leave the house often to avoid the possibility of being infected with the Covid19 virus. So, before you consult directly with your doctor, you can do some treatment at home to reduce the symptoms you feel. Generally, gastric disease is very responsive to the administration of suppressing gastric acid production and neutralizing stomach acid, such as antacids and ranitidine which can be purchased at pharmacies. With consumption according to the instructions listed on the packaging, and take some precautions, the complaints will gradually decrease or improve.

Besides prevention you need to do so that stomach acid disease is not getting worse is by:

Avoid lying down just after eating, wait for about 2 hours for food to reach the intestine, thereby reducing the possibility of stomach acid rising to the throat
Avoid consuming foods that are too spicy and fatty like chili sauce, coconut milk or fried foods with lots of oil
Eat small portions but often, it is not recommended to overeat in every eating session
Avoid coffee consumption especially when the stomach is still empty
Manage your stress well, because stomach acid will produce more when you are under stress
Don't consume alcohol
And do regular exercise every day for at least 30 minutes every day

Thus the explanation from us, hopefully helps.

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