What Are The Symptoms Of Typhus?

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Good morning Windianaa, thank you for asking on HealthReplies.com.

Typhus is a disease that arises due to a bacterial infection Salmonella typhii where the disease is generally characterized by symptoms such as:

Fever (as evidenced by measurements using a thermometer shows a number above 37.5) which is increasingly increasing (can reach 39-40), especially in the evenings that are felt for at least 1 week
Symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea (more often in children) or constipation
Can be accompanied by other symptoms that are not specific such as headaches, body weakness, abdominal discomfort, muscle pain or body weakness

Suppose you experience the above symptoms, the symptoms are not strong enough to make a typhus diagnosis. This disease can only be claimed by someone if this symptom is confirmed by a supporting examination (lab) which shows the result that the person is indeed suffering from typhus, where in Indonesia the most commonly used examination is widal examination and also anti-Salmonella IgM. If one of these tests shows a positive result, then it can be stated that the person has typhus.

If only based on the complaint you wrote above, the complaint is indeed less likely to lead to typhus, your complaint is more likely to lead to several other possible diagnoses such as:

Gastric acid disease (GERD)
Stomach inflammation (gastritis)
Gastric ulcer
Bowel ulcer 12 fingers
Other symptoms that accompany vertigo

If indeed you feel there is no improvement with the drugs that have been given (with a note that the medicines have been consumed until it runs out), then it is highly recommended that you check yourself back at the doctor. It is also permissible for you to check with another doctor to find theondecondary opinion regarding your complaint.

In the meantime, there are a number of things you can try to do to help reduce complaints:

Arrange daily eating patterns so that they are always regular, which is 3x large meals interspersed with 2x small meals and strived at the same times every day
Avoid the consumption of foods that are acidic, spicy and also high in fat
Avoiding soft drinks, containing caffeine (such as coffee / tea), and also alcohol
Increasing water consumption
Exercise regularly
Keep your body weight always in the ideal weight
Avoid lying down or sleeping immediately after eating, especially at night
Avoid taking pain medication without a clear recommendation from a doctor
Limit consumption of herbs
Avoid doing things that might trigger or aggravate complaints
Avoid stress
Get enough rest every day
Take medicines given by your doctor according to his recommendations

I hope this helps.

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