What Are The Treatments For Paracentesis

Illustration of What Are The Treatments For Paracentesis
Illustration: What Are The Treatments For Paracentesis

Doc, what can do the parachthesis (discharge the abdominal cavity) what doctor?

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Paracentesis, derived from the Greek word for 'piercing', is a procedure that involves pricking the abdomen to collect peritoneal fluid. Fluid buildup in the stomach area (ascites) can be caused by a variety of reasons, including cancer, injury, infection, cirrhosis, or inflammation. Paracentesis is usually done to obtain a fluid sample which is then sent to a laboratory for further examination. However, paracentesis can also be performed to excrete peritoneal fluid and relieve pain (due to pressure) for patients who have cancer or cirrhosis.

parasynthesis is usually done by a specialist, a surgeon. although previously this complaint was in accordance with the cause which was handled by a doctor of internal medicine or the surgeon itself depending on the cause yes. maybe the internist will consult a surgeon to carry out this procedure. but if the cause is indeed dissected then the surgeon will take action. but it all depends on each procedure in place you do the treatment. The paracentesis procedure will take approximately 15-45 minutes. Generally in this procedure, you do not need general anesthesia. That is, you will be aware during the procedure. Here are some steps to the paracentesis procedure that you will go through:

 You will be asked to lie down on the examination bed with your head slightly higher. You will also be asked to take off your clothes so that your abdominal area is visible and easily accessible. Ultrasound can be used by doctors as a tool to determine the location of paracentesis. The stomach area will be cleaned or sterilized. Hair that grows around it will be shaved. The doctor will apply or inject local anesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort. When the preparation is complete and you already feel numb in the area that will be done paracentesis, the doctor will insert a needle through the skin and stomach muscles as deep as 2.5-5 cm. Ascites fluid will be extracted using a syringe / catheter hose that has been connected to the needle. After the procedure is finished, the doctor will pull back the needle that was inserted. Thus the info I can give

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