What Are The Tumor Signs?

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Mlm I want to ask whether what happens is calluses are swollen, which is increasingly swollen and lumps like marbles, is that a sign of a tumor?

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In principle, all types of lumps that are not normal in the human body are called tumors. Therefore, lumps like boils can also be called a tumor in medical terms. On the other hand, certain conditions such as inflammation can also cause inflammation, but they are more temporary and not permanent. Other features of inflammation are accompanied by pain, redness, warmer, and loss of function (difficult to move, etc.).

Based on the type, level of malignancy, and speed of spread, tumors are distinguished from benign and malignant tumors. To distinguish between the two types of tumors with certainty, histopathological examination (examination of tissue under a microscope) is needed, but clinically certain characteristics can be seen, among others:

Speed ​​of growth. In benign tumors, lump growth generally tends to be slow, takes years, and most do not grow after a certain size. In malignant tumors, it can grow rapidly in a matter of weeks to months. Spread of tumor. In benign tumors, it is not easy to spread to other places, in fact it does not generally spread. However, in malignant tumors, it can spread to surrounding tissues or organs, and also can spread to distant places through blood vessels or lymph vessels. Tumor appearance. In benign tumors, it is generally easier to move, consistency is softer, and edges / borders are more regular and firm. Whereas in malignant tumors, it is difficult to move (attached to the underlying tissue), the consistency is more dense / harder, and the edges / borders are irregular, jagged, or unclear. Additional symptoms. In malignant tumors, it can cause additional symptoms such as weight loss, pale skin and eye membranes, persistent pain, and sometimes bleeding in the tumor. If your condition is a benign tumor, then generally do not need to worry, because even though it is not normal, as long as it does not cause significant interference (pain, swallowing disorders, breathing disorders, certain movement disorders) in principle do not need to be handled specifically, except for cosmetic indications ( improve appearance). However, in malignant tumors, special handling is needed, in the form of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc. according to the type of tumor.

Therefore, if the lump you are experiencing is bothering you, or has some characteristics of a malignant tumor, do not hesitate to consult a doctor so that an examination can be done to ascertain the type of lump, and if appropriate treatment is needed.

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