What Can Be Done To Prevent Corona?

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Hello, I want to ask what complications might occur covid 19 in various other chronic diseases? And whether covid can be driven by a healthy lifestyle and exercise + supplements or vitamins? and maybe just prevention efforts, can covid 19 be detected even though we haven’t experienced these symptoms ?? that’s all and thank you for the response

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Hello Ongkowijoyo Yoga,

Covid-19 (Corona virus disease) is a disease caused by Sars-CoV-2 virus infection (the newest type of corona virus). Like viral diseases and other infections, a healthy person's body has immunity that has the ability to fight the infection. Therefore you may have heard that not all infected patients will become sick.

Based on case reports and existing medical research, Covid-19 has an average incubation period of 14 days. So if you are infected, chances are if you get sick, new symptoms will appear 14 days later (although it can be earlier or later). Symptoms that can occur in Covid-19 patients include fever> 38 degrees Celsius (88%), dry cough (68%), fatigue (38%), expectoration (33%), shortness of breath (19%), pain bones and joints (15%), sore throat (14%), headache (14%), chills (11%), nausea, vomiting (5%), nasal congestion (5%), diarrhea (4%).

Patients with chronic diseases such as:

 Patients with lower immunity such as HIV / AIDS, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cancer patients, patients with immunosuppressant therapy, and the elderly will be more prone to become seriously ill after being infected with Covid-19. This is because the body's immune response is not as good as a healthy person. Viral infections can not only cause disturbances in the lungs (severe pneumonia / severe inflammation of the lungs), but also can occur systemic infections (whole body) to cause disruption of other organ functions. COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, poor lung function and poor respiratory function and cleansing (cilia). When exposed to Covid-19 infection which mainly attacks the lung area, surely the symptoms that arise can be more severe. Patients will experience shortness, more severe cough, hypoxia, to the threat of higher respiratory failure. To prove Covid-19 infection in addition to being based on clinical symptoms, it also requires a supplementary examination in the form of a positive respiratory tract swab. This examination is still limited in number and the cost is not cheap, therefore it is prioritized for those who have a history of contact with sufferers of Covid-19 / suspected Covid-19 or a history of domicile / traveling to an area with local transmission of Covid-19 in the last 14 days and cases a case that, according to medical judgment, really needs to be examined. Please call 119 ext 9 to get the correct inspection flow direction and whether you need an inspection or not.

If you do not show any symptoms (asymptomatic), if you have been infected with this Sars-Cov-2 virus, the results of RT-PCR examination of your airway swabs can be positive. But again the free Covid-19 examination (borne by the government) has not been intended for asymptomatic patients (asymptomatic) and has not been for the purpose of screening or surveillance in nature. Investigations such as chest X-ray and chest CT scan can also support the diagnosis of Covid-19, which appears as an abnormal change in the lung picture (although not typical).

Covid-19 is a self limiting disease (like most common viral diseases), which means that the patient can recover due to the body's own immunity without giving specific drugs. Medical care at the hospital is needed for Covid-19 patients with the aim of isolation (reducing spread) as well as for high-risk patients who may need supportive therapy of medical devices such as mechanical ventilators, handling of chronic diseases, treatment of chronic diseases, provision of intravenous nutrition, and etc.

Of course if you adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle (eating with balanced nutrition, regular exercise, getting enough rest 7-9 hours a day) your body's immunity will be better and make your risk for severe Covid-19 infection and other respiratory infections. reduced.

If you are sick, cough a cold, even if it's not Covid-19, the government is calling on you to do social distribution so that you don't infect others. You can isolate yourself at home or at least maintain a distance of at least 1 meter with other people outside the house or avoid crowding for a while. The purpose is:

 To reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 if you are sick of Covid-19 even though the symptoms are mild. To reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19 from others To reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, especially to people who have a high risk of becoming seriously ill. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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