What Causes Blackened Lips, Hot Tongue, And Sore Throat?

Tonight .. Sorry to askDok, my mother is his age u0026plusmn; 45 years old, about 1 month now he has had sores that do not heal u0026amp; now his lips are blackened, when eating the tongue feels hot, my throat hurts so much that it is difficult to swallow. how to overcome it ..? u0026amp; what is the cause of all that …? Previously I said thank you

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Hi Chacha,

The emergence of blackened lips, sore throat and sprue that lasts longer should be examined by a doctor because it can be caused by a serious medical condition. Here are some conditions that can cause these complaints:

 Oral sores due to exposure to irritants, hard food friction / sharp aphthous stomatitis Fungal infection (oral candidiasis) Herpes simplex virus infection Malignancy Your doctor will ask for a history of your mother's complaints, carry out physical examinations and support examinations such as blood tests, leukocyte counts, cytology (cytology (Infection) cell) or tissue biopsy. Do the examination if it is recommended by your doctor because it can be very important to ascertain the cause of your mother's complaints.

If your mother's complaints are only caused by canker sores, the doctor will advise your mother to consume enough water and fiber derived from fruits and vegetables, avoiding hard foods or conditions that can cause injury and prescribe mouthwash antiseptic drugs to help deal with complaints. If the complaint is caused by a herpes simplex virus infection, the doctor will prescribe symptomatic drugs (as symptoms), antiviral drugs and inform you about the way the virus is transmitted to prevent infection in others.

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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