What Causes Dizziness, Fainting And Leg Cramps Does Anemia Recur?

Afternoon, I’m 17 years old. Last year I was sent to the hospital and was anemic. Lately, I feel that I have a lot of dizziness everyday and suddenly faint occasionally, my legs also get cramped frequently, other parts of the body also often feel tired at all. Why is that? Did my anemia recur? Or how

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First of all, I want to confirm in advance, how many Hb you were when you were treated at the hospital and whether a clear cause for your anemia was sought. Anemia has many causes, some occur only due to poor nutrition, some can occur due to impaired absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract, some occur due to certain genetic diseases, drug side effects, acute or chronic bleeding, and many more again.

The cause of anemia is very important to know for several reasons:

to determine the best therapy for the anemia
determine the prognosis, whether anemia can recur, whether it can be prevented, or it will always happen and requires repeated therapy (for example in anemia in thalassemia)

Symptoms are often dizzy to faint, leg cramps, fatigue, can indeed be caused by anemia. If indeed these symptoms occur frequently, you should check yourself back to the doctor to do a blood test again. If indeed you have anemia again, make sure you ask the doctor who treats you the cause of your anemia and whether the anemia can be prevented or not. If you can prevent what actions you can take to prevent the recurrence of anemia.

For now, try to drink more fluids, get more sleep and rest, eat enough nutritious food.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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