What Causes Frequent Fainting Is Epilepsy?

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I want to ask, my maid has been passing out in a few weeks, she has high blood pressure and heartburn, she has been taken to the doctor many times, her only has high blood pressure and lack of sleep, she often sees her cellphone too. In the morning I fainted, this morning I fainted again, but when I passed out like a person, his voice was like a hiccup, but after I realized he didn’t remember if he fainted, like normal. Is this really epilepsy or is it because of high blood pressure?

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Hello Christina,

Thank you for the question.

Some people with epilepsy can indeed experience a loss of consciousness (fainting) when it comes to relapse. Not only that, there are also epilepsy that makes sufferers experience twitching, body stiffness, weakness or sudden paralysis, until there is only a change in certain behaviors (such as hiccups, tapping his mouth, flickering, and so on). This epilepsy occurs when electrical activity in the brain is disrupted, it could be due to genetic disorders, head injuries, strokes, brain tumors, infections, to certain developmental disorders.

In addition to epilepsy, the faint that your helper experienced may also indicate hypotension, anemia, dehydration, vasovagal syncope, heart problems, severe mental pressure, hypoglycemia, stroke, malingering, and so on. Hypertension and heartburn should not be directly related to this condition. However, people with hypertension are at greater risk of having a stroke, which can cause fainting. Meanwhile, heartburn is often caused by late eating, which can cause hypoglycemia, which is also one of the causes of fainting.

The condition of your helper, if it is repeated very often, should be checked directly to a doctor or neurologist. With physical examination, laboratory, X-ray, CT scan, brain record, or other supporting tests, the best treatment can generally be determined so that the condition is no longer repeated. At home, what needs to be done is:

Let your maid rest first
Remind him to eat a little regularly but often and drink enough
Appeal him to get enough sleep, don't play excessive gadget before, don't also do activities under the hot sun for long
Create a comfortable living environment for him
Don't overwhelm him with a lot of thoughts
Avoid it from doing dangerous activities alone, such as cooking, driving
Not carelessly giving him drugs without a doctor's prescription

Hope this helps ...

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