What Causes Head Pain And Severe?

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I often have a headache, it feels like my head is heavy after that, near my temples or my eyes also hurt. If I have a recurrence, sometimes my vision also starts to blur but doesn’t faint. After that, for example, when we were lying awake, I got up from sleep immediately going far. that’s why huh ?? and what is the best advice? thanks

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headache is a condition when there is pain and discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck. Headache is a common health condition. Usually, this condition is a symptom of one particular disease. When headaches occur this can be a sign of stress or emotional distress and certain medical conditions. There are several types of headaches among them:

  cluster headache: Claimed to be the most severe headache. This is because you can feel burning or piercing heat in the back of the eye. Not only is pain, other symptoms are eyes becoming red, eyelids look tired, pupils shrink, tears also come out. Cluster headaches can last for 15 minutes to 3 hours . migraine: when there is a migraine, you will feel a throbbing headache and only feels in one part of the head, that is, right or left. The cause of headaches on this one can feel mild, making blurry vision, to sensory disturbance. tension headache: This type of headache is characterized by symptoms of pressing pain on both sides of the head. The intensity starts from mild to medium. Chronic tension headaches can occur without triggers for physical activity. Some people experience increased sensitivity in their heads when touched. vertigo: a condition that makes the sufferer experience dizziness, until he feels himself or around him spinning. This headache can also be caused by other diseases such as sinusitis infection, high blood pressure, anemia, dehydration and head injuries.

to ascertain the cause of the headache it must be done directly to the doctor, but if it is not burdensome you can postpone to the doctor first, but if this headache is very disturbing you, and cause other symptoms you can immediately go to the doctor to do the examination and treatment immediately.

There are several things you can do at home to overcome this

 rest enough to sleep 7-9 hours avoid staying up late consume minmal 2 liters of water a day you can compress warm water on the sick head you can also take the drug paracetamol to relieve headaches avoid caffeine alcohol and smoking avoid stress by doing meditation and relaxation consume nutritious foods that are high in protein and low in fat and multiply fruits and vegetables stay at home and do prevent corona virus outbreaks so that the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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