What Causes Itching In The Toes And Smelling Rancid?

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Hello, it’s been 2 mg more than my feet itchy on the fingers. The shape is like itchy bumps and sometimes it is rancid, then I am given super tetra medicine, I use it to be smeared and drink, but the next day I feel itching in my hands and feet appearing like a very itchy and itching redness spreads all over the body, am I allergic to drugs? Or am I sick?

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Hello Reni,

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Supertetra is a patent brand of tetracycline. Tetracycline itself is one type of antibiotic that is useful in dealing with complaints due to bacterial infections. Itching, bumps, and unpleasant odors that appear on your feet are not always caused by bacterial infections. Therefore, tetracycline is not always right to handle it. It is possible, this drug allergy that makes your complaints not improve, but rather the opposite.

Feet that feels itchy, bumpy, and smells bad, in addition to bacterial infections, it can also be caused by fungal, viral, mite infections, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, cellulitis, insect bite marks or other animals, and so on. As for the condition of your feet at this time, in addition to drug allergies, it can also occur because of your previous illness that has not been resolved properly.

We recommend that you no longer take drugs carelessly, especially those that are not included over-the-counter drugs (such as antibiotics), without a prescription directly from a doctor. First check your complaint to the doctor or dermatologist so that it is handled properly according to the conditions that cause it. If necessary, your doctor may also direct you to undergo an allergy test or examination of skin tissue samples before giving proper treatment.

For now, you can first do the following trick:

Do not hold excessively, exfoliate, or scratch the itchy feet
Take a clean shower, also wash your feet diligently
Avoid contact between feet that have complaints with substances that are vulnerable to cause skin allergies or irritation, for example detergents
Always wear footwear and pants that are clean, dry, comfortable, not cramped, and replaced regularly
Do not exchange personal items with others
Drink plenty of water

Hope this helps ...

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