What Causes Me To Be Thin?

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I want to askrnWhy can’t I be fat?rnMy name is Firmansyah, age 26, height 175rnFrom childhood until now my body can’t be fat, I’m just getting thinnerrnI am a smoker, often stay up late , eat less appetiternWhat’s the solution to getting fat?rnPlease help me

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Hi Firmansyah, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. The problem of weight often raises question marks in the community, because some people feel or have met people who are very difficult to fat and easily fat, regardless of their large or small portions of food. So that many people who feel dissatisfied with their weight eventually give up and use 'default' reasons. This is in fact not true, calories that arise from food do not just disappear or even multiply in the body.

The problem between weight and the amount eaten is really just simple math; if you consume more calories than your body needs, then you gain weight and vice versa, if you consume fewer calories than your body needs, then your weight will decrease and if the number of calories you consume is the same, your weight will stay the same.

What usually happens is that people often forget to take into account that their body needs are sometimes less or greater than the calories that enter the body so that the desired weight is difficult to achieve. Among some things that increase the body's calorie needs are:

Growth period Stress, emotion Lack of sleep Physical activity Learning Smoking or suffering from disease

Of course all that will be made worse if you do not want to eat. Smoking does not directly increase a person's calorie needs. Smoking can increase the need for calories because by smoking, there are damaged body tissues. This damaged body tissue tries to be repaired by the body naturally and the process of repairing it requires energy, especially if smoking causes a chronic disease process. Don't mistake smoking as a way to lose weight. Meanwhile, those that reduce the body's calorie needs are:

Adult or elderly age Calm mind No physical activity or sport Healthy Get enough sleep

So in your case, your difficulty in gaining weight could be because you are a smoker, often stay up late and don't eat much. Now if you intend to change that, you can do the following 2 steps:

The first thing you can do is calculate your daily calorie needs. It's easy, you just have to google about BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) by entering the keyword 'How to calculate my BMR' or something like that. Depending on which website you use, you will usually be asked to fill in your gender, age, weight, height, and mental and physical stress levels. Once you have your BMR number, use it as a guide. Suppose the number you get is 2000 kcal. That means in a day, without doing anything, your body will automatically burn 2000 kcal of energy that the body uses to pump blood, breathe and so on. So what you need to do next is start paying attention to the number of calories each food has. Packaged foods and beverages usually have 'Nutritional Value Information' on the package. For example, a plate of rice has more calories than a plate of potatoes.

Please google the calorie content of each food to broaden your horizons and food choices. Besides, you also have to leave habits such as staying up late, smoking and rarely eating so that it is easier for you to gain weight. Often no supplements are needed as long as you can be disciplined to live this way. When you add exercise, in addition to getting a beautiful body shape, you can also feel more confident.

So, hopefully useful.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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