What Causes Shivering After Bathing Is Menopause?

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I am a 39 year old woman. I often experience chills in the bath, even though I shower at 9 am or 5 pm. Is that a sign of mono pose? my period is smooth and there are many menstrual cycles a week. Is that normal? . Thank you.

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Hello Hawani, Thank you for the question.

Menopause is the cessation of menstruation naturally in women which generally occurs between the ages of 45 years to 55 years. A woman is said to experience menopause if she no longer experiences menstruation for 12 months. Menopause is preceded by changes in the perimenopause (a few months or years before menstruation stops) or menopausal symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of menoupause are:

menstruation becomes irregular
menstrual bleeding becomes less or more
easy to feel hot (hot flushes)
sweating at night
hair loss
dry skin
hard to sleep
mood swings
vaginal dryness
recurrent urinary tract infections

Shivering is not a symptom of menopause but can occur at menopause if the body feels hot and is exposed to sufficiently cold water. Exposure to cold water can reduce body temperature. In these conditions, the body reacts with the contraction of the muscles of the body and causes chills so that body temperature returns to normal. Apart from being a cold environment, chills can also be caused by:

drop in blood sugar levels
infection in the body
high stress level
anxiety disorder

How long was your period before? Normal menstruation occurs for 2-7 days with menstrual cycles 21-35 days. If the characteristics of your menstruation are still the same as before, then your menstruation is still classified as normal.

To determine whether a woman is experiencing menopause or not further examination is needed by a doctor. You can consult with obstetricians and obstetricians further. After conducting a question and answer about your health condition and your complaints, your doctor will do a check on you and check your hormones from the blood. Women who experience menopause will receive further treatment from a doctor if the symptoms of menopause are very disturbing.

For now, please take a shower with warm water, avoiding exposure to cold air afterwards. Please you also still maintain a nutritious food intake and maintain water intake of at least 2-3 liters per day.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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