What Causes The Body Feels Weak And Hungry All The Time?

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Hello, I have no appetite these days, but my stomach feels hungry even though I have eaten. Once in 2 hours I will feel hungry again, my body feels weak if I do not eat 1 time in 2 hours. I’m currently taking Natur-e supplements, is there any connection with that?

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Hello Sariyanti. Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Easy hunger accompanied by weakness can be caused by various conditions, including diabetes, lack of sleep, stress, pregnancy, and thyroid hormone disorders. Diabetes occurs due to sugar in the blood can not be delivered to the body's tissues properly, so that the body's tissues feel short of sugar and provide stimulation to eat again. In addition to being weak and hungry more often, patients with diabetes also urinate more frequently, are easily thirsty, and lose weight. If you experience these symptoms, you should see a doctor for examination. In addition to examining you directly, your doctor will check your blood sugar levels to determine whether you have diabetes or not. Lack of sleep at night can also change the stability of hormones in the body. There are hormones that regulate hunger which will also be disturbed when we are lacking sleep. In addition to weakness and easy hunger, people who sleep less can also experience weight gain and mood changes. Stress or anxiety can make the body release the hormone cortisol which can increase hunger. If the stress or anxiety that you experience is difficult to control and has disrupted your activities, you should see a psychiatrist to be given professional treatment. Pregnancy can also make a person weak and hungry. Hunger easily occurs in response to ensure the fetus gets enough nutrients to grow. Signs of pregnancy that you can notice include late menstruation. You can do a testpack at home. If the results are positive, see the nearest obstetrician. Thyroid hormone is a hormone that functions to regulate metabolism. If there is a disruption in the thyroid hormone, your metabolism will be disrupted, so you can become more hungry, palpitations, weakness, sweating, thirsty, and so on. You can also feel the front of your neck. If an enlargement occurs, immediately see the nearest doctor. The supplement you are using may not be the cause of the disorder you are feeling right now.

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