What Causes The Left Chest Tightness?

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Shortness of chest can be caused by stress huh? But my father could not manage his stress well and could not hold back emotions. Can it also cause chest tightness? Thank you.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. The complaint you mentioned could occur due to several possibilities, including:

Pulmonary inflammation
Stomach acid disease
Heart disease

Anemia or lack of red blood cells
Psychic influences, such as stress, fear, anxiety, sadness and excessive anger

So it is indeed possible that complaints experienced by your parents caused by emotions and stress, but from the medical side, we must get rid of physical possibilities first, such as the possibility of various lung diseases, various heart disease and such before arriving at the possibility caused by stress.

Therefore, if your parents really experience complaints of tightness in the chest, our advice should you first check with an internist or cardiologist, to find out the possibility of the disease through a series of digging history, physical examination and support. From here it will be known the tendency, diagnosis and the best treatment. If declared normal, then the possibility leads to psychological conditions and encourage your parents to consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist, of course in a polite manner and a good approach. You might be able to work with your mother to persuade him.

Meanwhile, help your parents to live a healthy lifestyle, by eating healthy foods, regularly, avoiding cigarettes, exercising regularly, getting enough rest, and fulfilling adequate daily fluids, and eating fruits and vegetables. Regarding stress, if you are close enough to your parents, try asking from heart to heart. Tell them that you have observed that their emotions have been quite explosive and uncontrolled for the last time, then that you are worried that their emotions will have a negative effect on their health. Then ask what causes it to emotion, there may be certain problems, and try to solve it together. So, hopefully answering your question.

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