What Causes The Presence Of Mucus In The Throat?

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Hello, why every time I wake up and every time I finish my toothbrush there is phlegm in my throat, even though it’s been released many times but it’s still there again. Is that one of the symptoms of an illness? What is the cause and how to overcome it?

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Mucus normally exists in the airways, consisting of proteins, enzymes, and antibodies, which are produced by respiratory organs, such as the throat and function as the body's defense system, to moisturize, recognize, capture and release dust, and microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, from the nose and throat. Mucus production is normally increased more in the morning, but if the production is felt to be excessive indicates a disturbance, could be due to allergic reactions, infections or inflammation of the airways by bacteria, viruses, or due to the presence of foreign particles. Some factors that increase the risk of sputum production increase include:

Dry air in the room, usually due to the use of an air conditioner or air conditioner.
Drinking less, or consuming too much drinks such as coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks
Certain medications that cause dry mouth.
and others

If the complaint is disturbing, especially when accompanied by changes in color of mucus, turn greenish yellow, red, or slightly pink due to blood spots, shortness of breath, continuous coughing, weight loss, and fever should be consulted by a doctor. The doctor will conduct question and answer, physical examination, and supporting examinations if needed, such as laboratory tests, x-rays, etc. Treatment will be adjusted to the cause of the complaint. Doctors may prescribe medicines such as antibiotics if they are caused by bacterial infections, decongestants, expectorant thinners (expectorants), antihistamines to deal with allergies if needed, and other drugs according to the cause and condition of the patient. Some things you can do to reduce phlegm in the throat include:

Consume lots of water, or drink warm drinks like tea, warm lemon juice, or warm water plus honey
Try to be in an environment with good humidity
Eat nutritious foods, reduce foods that stimulate cough, such as spicy, oily foods
Inhale steam to help thin the mucus
Enough rest
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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