What Causes Upper Abdominal Pain?

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Tonight, I want to know what is causing my upper stomach pain. I’m in my 20s, I had upper abdominal pain from yesterday morning, at first I thought I had an ulcer but when I saw the symptoms were like an ulcer because I have a good appetite, and I also don’t have any headaches, no nausea, or no fever. . Several times until now, my stomach is really painful, it’s really painful, to the point of not being endured. So I want to know the causes and what diseases have the same symptoms as mine. Thank you in advance Doctor.

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Upper abdominal pain can be caused by:

inflammation or stones in the gallbladder stomach disorders, such as acid reflux disease, gastric ulcers, gastritis.To relieve symptoms, try to do the following:

consumption of food regularly with a healthy and balanced menu it is better to eat small portions but more often reduce the consumption of fatty, too spicy or acidic foods do not lie down immediately after eating enough drink water have adequate rest time do not smoke, limit caffeine / alcohol avoid stress wear comfortable clothes and not too tight. If the symptoms do not improve, it is recommended that you see a doctor. So it can be done a physical examination and supporting tests such as ultrasound or endoscopy, to help find out if there is an underlying medical cause. The doctor will provide the right treatment according to the results obtained.

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