What Causes Yellowing Of The Skin But Not In The Whole Body?

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At night, my skin is yellowish but not all over my body. Why is that?

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Hello Fitri,

Changes in skin color in certain areas of the body, it is indeed worrying. But you need to examine further, whether the discoloration of the skin becomes yellow accompanied by changes in white color on the eyeball and yellow on the inner wall of the mouth. Jaundice is also usually accompanied by other complaints such as nausea, vomiting, weakness, fever, chills, diarrhea, weight loss, itching, headaches and stomach aches, swelling in the abdomen and legs. In jaundice, urine turns into thick tea and stools change color like putty. If all of these symptoms are present, then what you experience may be jaundice.

However, if the yellow discoloration of the skin in certain areas of the body, it might be due to normal changes and not diseases such as excessive intake of fruits / vegetables that contain carotene (hypercarotenemia), abnormalities of fat metabolism that cause skin changes, yellowish skin blemishes in active smokers due to nicotine (especially in the palm and nail area). While jaundice that needs to be watched out occurs because of increased production and inhibition of bilirubin expenditure resulting in a buildup in the blood. Bilirubin is a result of the destruction of red blood cells. Excessive amount of bilirubin will be released through urine and feces. Triggers for jaundice are:

Anemia in which there is an increase in red blood cell reshuffle due to abnormal shape and function (sickle cell anemia, hemolytic anemia). Genetic disorders that cause abnormal red blood cells such as thalassemia, spherocytosis, Gilbert's syndrome, and so forth. Impaired liver function such as hepatitis, alcoholism, overdose of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, exposure to pollutants, damage to liver cells into connective tissue (cirrhosis), and other conditions that cause the liver cannot process bilirubin and remove it. Pancreatic disorders, disorders of the bile duct due to stones, abnormalities of the bile ducts and inflammation of the ducts / gallbladder.

Make sure the symptoms that you have in accordance with jaundice, if yes immediately consult a specialist in Internal Medicine. However, if your symptoms do not match with jaundice, but you are still worried you may also see a doctor. The doctor will usually ask for complaints and symptoms that you experience, a history of the disease you have experienced including a family history of illness. The doctor will do a physical examination and if a medical condition is suspected that needs to be confirmed in more detail, the doctor may refer you to do a supporting examination such as blood tests, abdominal ultrasound, urine tests and CT scan / MRI. Your doctor will treat you according to your medical conditions.

While at home, avoid foods that contain high carotene such as carrots, papaya, pumpkin. Prioritize consuming enough drinking water (1.5-2 liters per day) and rest 7-8 hours, especially at night.

Read here about Jaundice.

Thus the info we can share, hopefully helps you.

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