What Complications Will Arise In People With Paralysis For Years?

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.. I am now 24 years old I have been paralyzed for 3 years due to a motor vehicle accident .. Selma 3 years I have paralysis from the chest to the tip of my feet .. my fingers also cannot be moved .. only my arms and upper part of my chest are can feel the touch .. my question .. what complications will arise when paralyzed so far ?? Will I die of complications or because of age …?

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Hello Eloo,

Quadriplegia / tetraplegia is paralysis (paralysis) which affects the four limbs (both arms and legs) and the torso (torso). Disorders that arise are usually not only about the motor parts that cause patients unable to move parts of the body, but also about the sensory parts so that patients can not feel stimuli such as touch, vibration, heat and cold, pain. In addition to quadriplegia patients, it is very common to find autonomic nerve disorders, so there are urinary disorders, defecation disorders (BAB), erectile disorders, bowel movements, to respiratory disorders.

Generally quadriplegia conditions arise due to injury to the spinal nerves (nerves in the spine) in the cervical area (cervical spine). Injuries can arise from traffic accidents, falls from heights, blunt trauma directly to the neck, tumors in that section, and so on. Symptoms that arise are determined by which part of the cervical nerve is damaged when injured. If it is about as high as C7 (cervical 7), the patient may still be able to feel the arms and hands, but cannot move and feel from the chest down. If the injury is as high as C1, the patient can stop breathing immediately, if it can be treated, the patient is likely to be dependent on the use of a ventilator (mechanical breathing device) during his life.

The diagnosis of spinal nerve injury is through physical examination and also supporting examinations such as X-rays, MRI or CT-scan. Handling patients with quadriplegia requires good education and training for family members who care for or use specially trained caregivers / caregivers. Because, most likely the patient will need help for every daily activity, such as eating, bathing, defecating, urinating. Patients also must be mobilized / changed their position routinely every few hours so it does not easily form a wound in the body that is pressed (pressure ulcers) such as the buttocks, elbows, and calves.

Patients who experience quadriplegia require regular physiotherapy to maintain their respiratory function. Patients with prolonged immobilization can experience airway clearance and quadriplegia patients generally experience impaired cleansing and respiratory function due to injury, consequently chest physiotherapy is needed to aid in the removal of mucus and special tools also to help suck up excessive phlegm. Patients also need special diets, foods with appropriate calorie settings to be able to meet their needs. Patients may require a catheter to be able to urinate or use pampers because they often have urinating and defecating without feeling.

Some of the complications that often arise in quadriplegia patients are:

Pressure sores
Urinary tract infections due to long-standing catheters
Atrophy of the legs and arms
Chronic pain (in incomplete injuries)

Sepsis (infection that spreads to the blood) - multifactorial due to infection from the wound / urinary tract / respiratory tract that is not handled properly coupled with the patient's nutritional status that is not good, making it difficult for healing

Mortality (death) in quadriplegia patients is most often due to sepsis, pulmonary embolism, and pneumonia. The life expectancy of patients varies. In one study, in which a patient was injured at the age of 20, patients had a life expectancy of up to 30-40 years after injury, and generally died from complications from a quadriplegia condition. Report to family members if you feel a new complaint such as coughing, tightness, fever, so that it can be immediately taken to the doctor for examination and treatment. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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