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I want to ask, my mother often feels tight in her chest, so she can’t stand the wind, so even at home she wears layers of clothes. Her words are warm, she says if you don’t wear layered clothes she feels cold and stuffy even though the weather is warm. nThen my mother often wears a corset so that her body is pressed like that, if you don’t often use the side on her belly band, she says it’s comfortable if you like this nEvery time you check with the doctor she says it’s normal nBut every time I give the medicine it gets even worse, I can’t help it. her eyes say mom I’m not clear she says like there is blood so see it less clearly n Very often dizzy nThen her hands are often numb when they get cold water nI am like that too, I often have numb hands when and after being exposed to cold water What do you think it hurts?

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From the information you have conveyed, the complaints your mother may have are probably related to digestive complaints to your mother. If you don't use a corset or layered clothes, you will often experience discomfort. This may be caused by gastric disorders, in the form of gas, tightness of the passage, or perhaps pain in your mother's stomach.

In addition, complaints of visual disturbances, dizziness, and numbness may be related to disorders of the digestive system, vision, disorders of the nervous system.

So, with so many complaints being felt, it is necessary to do a direct consultation with a family doctor, so that a referral for examination can be given to an internal medicine specialist, eye specialist, or neurologist if necessary. Examinations related to the complaint can be developed with supporting examinations, in the form of blood tests, X-rays, or if needed an ultrasound examination. Thus, data on your mother's health condition will be obtained in more detail and the diagnosis can be made, whether due to liver, stomach, heart disorders, or maybe metabolic disorders. Furthermore, treatment and medication will be given according to the results obtained.

What you need to suggest is that you do regular exercise, idealize your body weight, avoid sleeping late at night, avoid spicy foods, noodles, meatballs, fried rice, coconut milk.

That is the information that we can convey, read also congested.


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