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Good evening .. nI want to ask my child who is 2.5 years old nSkin.a is like a burn but wide nAt first it was like being hit by a fire inside there was water. After the water broke, it gradually became wide nWhat does it hurt?

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From the information you conveyed, if this skin complaint occurs due to burns, it is necessary to immediately take care of your family doctor or to the nearest hospital for examination and treatment. Thus, complaints such as burns can recover immediately and do not interfere with their activities.

However, if this skin complaint resembles a burn (or known as bullae), and your child's skin is not exposed to heat or fire, then direct evaluation and examination by a dermatologist is necessary, so that the cause can be ascertained, such as:

1. allergies

2. friction trauma

3. infection

4. diseases of the immune system, such as bullous pemphigoid

By directly examining a skin specialist, the risk of complications from this complaint can be prevented, in addition, the doctor can immediately provide the necessary care and treatment. In addition, you should not break the skin that contains water to prevent the risk of inflammation or infection.

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