What Disease Appears Only At 11 O’clock At Night And Has Lasted 3 Months?

Greetings dokt .. Smoga God always protects and facilitates the work of doctrine. Name Khalifi. I have a mother who is sick in the abdomen near the waist. There was almost no clarity in almost 3 months, check-ups started from the puskesmas until rumh was sick and had to be hospitalized, all the diagnoses were different, starting from gastric acid to anemia, even having 2 bags of blood transfusion while in the hospital, but the same, but getting the same given even obt stomach. Ever in the uSG, and the results are healthy internal organs, heart, liver, healthy stomach. Pain such as squeezing squeezed, heat and hny appear at 11 pm and above, sometimes the mother until not sleeping, the body dropped dramatically. Approximately that disease what, what should I do ?? if I have to go to a specialist doctor, what specialist, and where the problem is because the results of ultrasound in healthy organs … Please answer doc.

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Pain in the abdomen near the waist can indeed be caused by many causes, including:

Disorders of the digestive tract, for example dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), inflammation of the intestine, gastroenteritis (digestive infections), food poisoning, obstructive ileus
Urinary tract disorders, such as kidney infections, kidney stones, bladder cancer
Reproductive tract disorders, such as pelvic inflammation, myomas, pre menstrual syndrome, endometriosis, ovarian cysts
Other organ system disorders, such as nerve pain, shingles, fibromyalgia, mental disorders, and so on

Your mother's condition, which feels worsening pain at night (around 11 pm), actually does not specifically refer to certain diseases. However, if this complaint is very often repeated, causing your mother to disturb her sleep and experience a pretty drastic weight loss, you should not underestimate it. Go back to your mother to see a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that it is best suited to her condition. Not only ultrasound, several other supporting tests, such as x-rays, laboratories, CT scans, endoscopy, etc. may also be done by doctors.

Here are some suggestions from us for your mother:

Expand to do relaxation, calm your heart and mind
Compress the painful area of ​​the body with warm water
Do not carelessly take medication, including pain relievers or stomach acid-lowering (without direct advice from a doctor)
Eat more disciplined, small portions, but often
Don't over-eat spicy, fatty, oily, and high-gas foods
Not drinking too much soft drinks and caffeinated
Routine exercise at the same time to maintain ideal body weight

Hope this helps ...

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