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Hello, last Sunday morning I was defecating but I coughed if someone wanted to throw up phlegm but the blood was really bad, 10 minutes after I coughed I had a fever and a cold and if the cough came out drained, I went to the doctor during the day. the doctor who handled me did not tell me what it was, until now my throat hurts really hard to load I think “what disease did I have, thank you …

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Coughing up blood or what is known as hemoptysis is a condition when a person has a cough that is not only expelling phlegm but also bleeding. The blood that comes out can be due to irritation of the respiratory tract due to coughing too hard. Coughing up blood that occurs in young and healthy people may not be a symptom of a serious disease and can be treated. However, if it occurs in the elderly, smokers, it could be a sign of a serious illness, let alone cause symptoms such as coughing up blood more than one teaspoon per day, lasting a long time, and accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, weight loss, weakness, or shortness of breath.

Several diseases that can cause coughing up blood;

- Bronchitis, this disease is not a dangerous disease, occurs due to inflammation of the lung tissue.

- Bronchiectasis

- Lung infection, usually accompanied by symptoms of discolored phlegm, demma, or shortness of breath

- Tuberculosis or TB

- Side effects of blood thinners

- Bronchial varicose veins, etc.

To find out the cause and the right treatment you must see a doctor. The doctor can get a diagnosis through the symptoms shown, medical history, physical examination and through several tests such as blood tests, sputum tests, X-rays or bronchoscopy.

Things you can do at home include;

- Eat and drink sufficient and nutritious

- Get some rest

- Do not remove phlegm or blood that comes out anywhere

- Using a mask or protector

- Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze

- Avoid irritants such as smoke and dust

- Do not force a cough too hard when expelling phlegm

Thank you, hope it helps


dr. Rizki

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