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Good morning, I have a question. Yesterday my father had X-rays like this,

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Hello Shita.

Thank you for asking the HealthReplies.com Community.

Bronchopneumonia is one part of pneumonia where there is inflammation of the lungs and bronchial airways due to infection by bacteria, viruses or fungi. This disease is characterized by symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Everyone can get this disease, but will have more potential for:

Children <2 years of age. Elderly> 65 years. Smoker. Low immunity, such as in AIDS patients or undergoing chemotherapy. People with chronic lung diseases, such as COPD. Patients in hospital, especially those on ventilators.

Based on your data, please note that the results of the X-ray examination are only supportive. Bronchopneumonia diagnosis still has to go through anamnesis direct question and answer with a doctor, physical examination, especially in the chest, and other supporting examinations. These three processes will mutually reinforce the diagnosis. Therefore, you are still advised to visit the doctor directly for questions and answers and further physical examination. The treatment given will be adjusted to the diagnosis.

Some suggestions you can do:

Eat nutritious foods. Just drink water, minimum 2 L / day. Quit smoking. Avoid using drugs without a doctor's approval.

If the stiffness you feel is even more annoying, it's a good idea to immediately visit a doctor, both a general practitioner and a pulmonologist to get the right treatment.

This is the information we can convey, thank you and hope it is useful.


Dr. M. Rizki

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