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Asalamualaikum.wr.wb .. Look, I have been suffering from pharyngitis for 3 days along with a very severe lower headache .. Apart from paracetamol with vitamins that I have taken, what else should I take medicine. Thank you

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Hello Nana,

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Pharyngitis is a condition where there is inflammation of the pharynx or throat. The cause of pharyngitis can be irritation due to an allergy from a certain substance such as dust, smoke, or from the type of food or drink consumed. Besides that, it can also be caused by infection, both viral and bacterial infections. Some of the symptoms that can arise from the presence of pharyngitis are as follows:

Fever, body feels weak


Cough either dry cough or with phlegm

Difficulty eating due to pain when swallowing

Reduced appetite


May be accompanied by nausea

In your case where it has been treated with paracetamol it is only limited to reducing pain and fever. Paracetamol is a type of mild pain relief that can be found in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. In addition, you also consume vitamins. Other necessary drugs depend on the type of pharyngitis that you are experiencing. If it is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics can be considered but of course this condition requires direct examination by a doctor. If indeed your condition is getting worse then it doesn't hurt to consult directly with a doctor so that you can also do a direct physical examination to assess your throat, so it can also be known whether there is inflammation or other disorders that can accompany, for example inflammation of the tonsils or tonsillitis which is also frequent times overlap in the presence of pharyngitis.

In addition, there are some tips that can be followed to reduce the complaints that you feel are as follows:

Drink warm water as often as possible to reduce irritation in the throat
Avoid consuming foods that are too hot, spicy, oily and too tasty because they can increase the irritation that occurs.
Using a mask
Avoid talking too often
Consume more fruits and vegetables than usual
Enough rest
Avoid smoking both active and passive

That's what I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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