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Malem Doctor I want to ask before I had stomach ulcers 2 weeks ago healed well recently recently relapsed again but accompanied by other symptoms such as fireflies, dark eyes, sore throat, pain in the left chest and the back feels like a pull to the left and right I want to ask if there is another illness in me besides stomach ulcers, please ask for information

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Hi, Jun.

Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com.

In general, peptic ulcers are a condition where the stomach has been injured. Basically, the occurrence of gastric ulcers can be caused by an increase in stomach acid that is continuously and ignored, causing injury to the stomach area. If there is a wound in the stomach area, it will cause symptoms that are more severe than usual stomach acid disease.

Gastric acid enhancement disease, generally requires a fairly long treatment, which is about 6 weeks. Even though there are no complaints, the drug should still be consumed until the specified time limit. Because in general, many gastric asthma sufferers who ignore treatment so that it affects the stomach.

Stomach ulcers are marked with pain in the solar plexus and the left lower chest, pain can be progressive accompanied by shortness of breath and pain in the back due to tension in the chest muscles so that it pulls back muscles, peptic ulcers will be more painful when filled with food , thus making things worse.

If there is an up to the intestine, it will reduce the absorption of iron and other vitamins, which can cause dizziness or dizziness due to malnutrition.

My advice, routinely check and be diligent in consuming stomach acid medication regularly to repair the sores on your stomach that you experience. You can consult an internist.

May be useful. always healthy. :)

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