What Foods Should Be Given To People With Hypertension?

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Hello, my husband aged 54 years ago we had brought a brain aneurysm surgery at the PON hospital thank you Lord is going well now in the recovery stage before Easter surgery we were asked to bring to the blood and Lung check Labs for the heart and lungs when it was no problem after returning from the hospital we took the results of the Lab blood check we read the results for HEMATOCRIT results of 37% L while the Normal was 40-48%, ERITROSIT L 4.4 million / uL whereas the Normally was 4.5-5.5 million / uL and RDW-CV 12.1% while 12.2-14.6% and for Blood Electrolytes Na L 131 mmol / L while Normally 136-146 mmol / L for Na I admit that food contains Na I reduce before surgery yesterday, what or what food should I give to increase HEMATOCRIT, Electrolytes and RDW-CV to get back to normal while the drugs given are only blood pressure, for your attention and answers I say thank you, Hello ww

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Hello Ms. Erlina,

Brain aneurysm is a condition of blood vessel abnormalities where the walls of blood vessels dilate and because of blood flow, blood vessels can bulge like a balloon. This condition can cause blood to leak / leak slowly and eventually rupture. The cause of brain aneurysms caused by high blood pressure, especially in:

Elderly people, people with obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Women who have experienced menopause. Smoking and cocaine abuse (Narcotics). Having medical conditions that are brought from birth such as aortic disorders, genetic disorders (marfan syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). Certain infections can trigger aneurysms. Family history.

The results of the blood test are supporting results that are referred to complete the medical evaluation of the doctor. Of course to interpret correctly, a direct medical examination is needed. You should discuss the results of your husband's laboratory examination with a Neurosurgeon who has been caring for your husband. Actually, if the operation has been going well, then the results of the past laboratory need not be a concern. In certain medical conditions, blood tests that are slightly below normal without clear clinical symptoms are considered not harmful to health.

Diet in patients with high blood pressure is actually similar to a diet in healthy people, which is a balanced nutritional pattern. But there are some special tips below:

Avoid all food and drinks sold in packs. Usually packaged products contain a lot of excessive sodium. Learn how to read the composition of nutrients on the packaging in food. Keep consuming side dishes from fish, poultry and meat. But limit the portions. Consumption of fiber sources such as vegetables and fruit. Prioritize consumption of brightly colored bananas and fruit and ripen trees. Vegetables also try to vary the type of each meal. Avoid all foods and drinks that are too sweet. Limit portions when consumed. Give snacks in the form of nuts & seeds but baked and without salt. Food processing and snacks by boiling, baking, steaming or sautéing. When sautéing, use only 2 teaspoons of olive oil for 2 to 4 servings of side dishes. Choose a staple food substitute for white rice which is rich in fiber such as brown rice, oat meal, black rice, corn.

Noteworthy also is implementing a healthy lifestyle with consistency and discipline. Perform physical activity that is allowed by your husband's doctor, for example walking 30 minutes in the morning, swimming or yoga. Consult the type of physical activity recommended by your husband's doctor. Avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and caffeinated (coffee, energy boosting drinks). Also apply relaxation techniques and positive thoughts to deal with emotional stress.

The diet of patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) is one of the pillars of a lifestyle that needs to be carried out continuously.

Read more about Diet in Hypertension here.

Thus the info we can share, hopefully helps you.

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