What Happens To The Body When Doing Yoga?

Good afternoon. I want to know how can yoga improve the quality of life? What happens to our body when yoga can improve the quality of life (fitness, breathing, quality of sleep) if done routinely? ex: maybe there are muscles / nerves that work (?) thank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Yoga is a form of exercise for the body and mind. The benefits that we can feel from doing yoga movements, not only make us feel more refreshed, but also can control stress and reduce anxiety. Further explanation is as follows.

In terms of fitness, yoga helps burn fat, although it is not as much as other sports movements, such as jogging, biking, gymnastics, or weight lifting. But again, not everyone can do active movements like that, for example pregnant women, and yoga can be the answer. If it is intended to reduce weight, then choose the type that does trigger aerobic exercise, so you can focus more on burning fat.

In addition, yoga movements can make our posture better because many yoga movements that involve stretching make our body more relaxed, and more flexible. In terms of breathing, yoga is a sport that regulates breathing techniques more than other sports such as lifting weights and jumping rope, for example the type of Pranayama yoga. For some who are experts, even maintaining certain positions and regulating breathing patterns properly can sweat.

Then for mental health, yoga is basically a meditation sport, and meditation makes the connection between soul and body more intertwined, and makes us more aware of our body, can encourage us to eat healthier foods, and avoid damaging foods.

Of course there are still many benefits of yoga for the body, and if you want it to be much more detailed, its effects can reach the cellular level and the body's chemical upheaval. But clearly, there have been many studies that want to find out and ascertain the benefits of yoga and so far these benefits are proven. All of these benefits will ultimately make people feel healthier, more relaxed and it will make the quality of life improve.

But again in practice, everything will depend on your intention and clinical condition. For example, if you want to increase muscle mass, obviously yoga is not the right sport for you. If you want to exercise adrenaline, yoga is actually done to calm the soul. But for pregnant women and the elderly, for example, yoga is the best choice than other sports that might actually be more able to trigger injury and require high stamina. So, hopefully answering your question.

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