What If The Elderly Routine Control To The Hospital In The Middle Of The PSBB?

Illustration of What If The Elderly Routine Control To The Hospital In The Middle Of The PSBB?
Illustration: What If The Elderly Routine Control To The Hospital In The Middle Of The PSBB?

I live in an area affected by PSBB, but my father is an elderly (75 years old) who has schizophrenia and needs control once a month to a special psychiatric government hospital in my city. Meanwhile, my father actually only needed oral medication because the psychological consultation was not as problematic as a few years ago, but the drug could not be bought at the pharmacy because it was not sold freely. What steps should I take in the midst of PSBB conditions and the elderly who are vulnerable to exposure?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. We understand your confusion. Basically, the PSBB policy is implemented to limit the activities of residents outside the home. This restriction is legally binding with the aim that no residents leave the house or travel except for matters that are truly important. That is why even every company is asked to dismiss all its employees, or limit the number of incoming employees to a minimum. The hope, by minimizing the number of citizens who travel outside the home, transmission of the corona virus can be inhibited or even stopped.

With this understanding, then regarding your question, your father is among those who really have the need to be outside the home. Because if he does not go out, he will not be able to get the medicine, which in fact will endanger himself. And this also applies to other people who have chronic illnesses, have to take medication regularly, or experience severe pain that they cannot handle at home.

With the necessity of getting drugs that cannot be obtained freely, it means that your father's reason to leave the house is indeed important, and for that he may leave the house even though he is being treated by PSBB. Even considering the age and type of the disease, the delivery person should be allowed to leave the house, because it is too dangerous if he goes out and drives himself. What is not allowed is if there are elements that are less important, such as the introduction of up to 4 people, or before / after going to the hospital to stop by first to just walk around, and such.

But regarding the technicalities, this is what you should ask the hospital where your father used to control. There are hospitals that require that a patient be given a travel permit, so that if he is questioned by the authorities regarding his position outside the home, he or his introduction can show the travel certificate indicating that he has just or will be heading to the hospital. There are also hospitals that implement prescription drugs whose duration is longer, for example the drug was given to be used for a month and this time was given for two or three months so that he did not control too often, there could also be someone who sent the prescription directly to be redeemed elsewhere, and so on. This is what you have to ask about the hospital's policy, because however the PSBB is implemented, it does not mean that patients are allowed not to take drugs regularly.

Then related to the avoidance of corona infections to vulnerable populations, what needs to be done is actually more or less the same as avoiding infections in other populations, namely routine hand washing, maintaining endurance by eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit, regular breaks, and when just from home sick, clinic or health center, immediately take a shower and change clothes when you get home. In your father's case, if his hospital policy allows, maybe your father does not need to wait too long in the hospital, just finish administration and the rest wait in the car so that the delivery person is waiting for medicine. So again this is the importance of discussing this matter with the hospital where he usually went for treatment. So, hopefully answering your question.

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