What Is A Fever Up And Down?

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I want to ask according to the doctor whether I might be infected with HIV? u003cbr u003e On January 22, 2019 yesterday I did a patch of my teeth with a hole in one of the dentist’s clinics, and from that day to the present date March 18 I felt a fever that does not heal aka alternating fever. Sometimes it goes down sometimes it goes up, and because I was very anxious I consulted with one of the doctors at the health check clinic and at that time I asked to do an HIV test and the doctor also suggested testing for typhus on February 18, 2019. The results were non-reactive on Anti HIV with index (0.287) and after that I did a Retest again on April 22, 2019 with the same result that is Non reactive with index (0.395) whether I had the possibility of contracting or free from HIV?

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Up and down fever is most likely a sign that you are experiencing inflammation, it could be due to an infection, it could also be due to other reasons. Not only HIV infection, various types of other microorganisms can also infect the body and cause fever, for example dengue fever, typhoid fever, respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, dental infections, meningitis, and so on.

Your non-reactive HIV test results on 2 tests may indeed indicate you are not infected with HIV, but this result can also be wrong (false positive). If you feel you have never carried out HIV risk behaviors (such as having free sex, using unsterile syringes, etc.) you really don't need to worry about the risk of getting infected with HIV. Often, dental filling procedures, if done at the dentist, have been done with clean procedures and also use sterile tools so that the potential for HIV transmission through this method is very small, however, the results can be different if you do dental patching in addition to dentists.In some cases, it could also be that HIV sufferers show laboratory results that are false positive negative) for example due to the time of examination that is too early or even in the window period (window period), which is a condition where the virus is replicating massive in the body but has not been able to trigger an increase in antibody production so that it cannot be detected through routine HIV testing.

We suggest, if the complaint still does not improve with the treatment given by the doctor, you should check yourself back to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. more accurate follow-up examination.

To help you cope with fever, you should take Paracetamol while taking more drinks, eat nutritious foods, and also take a break from excessive physical activity. Do not forget, also avoid all forms of activities that are at risk of causing HIV transmission so as not to become infected.

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